Cooking and Incompetence.

Hello, and welcome to my newest site! I think the goal of this page is understood- it’s a cooking blog. If we manage to dive a little deeper, or read the web address you will notice that this involves a level of incompetence. Yes, I am a bad cook. I try my hardest to make food that is at least enjoyable, but that usually ends in a ‘meh’ emanating from my own tastebuds. This blog will be following my attempts to make some good food on the budget of a poor-ish college student.

That means that you will not be seeing any of the culinary buzz words that are jammed down your ears. No free-range, grass fed sirloin, family-owned farm raised chicken, and certainly no organic. I understand the merits of each of these titles affixed to foods, but for years organic has become synonymous with better- for consumer, animal and environment. While it is of course true that organic is better for the consumer as it is purchased it loses much of its value when you dive a little deeper. That organic strawberry you use to make your glaze on your mouth watering cheesecake probably traveled across the country from California. Even here in Florida where we have a nationally appreciated festival to celebrate this spurious fruit you can go into any of the local grocery stores and find California, or Argentinian strawberries. You can only find Florida berries for a few weeks, or not at all.

If you are reading this you are probably a friend of  mine or a family member. The grand majority of my friends are as well versed as I am, and my immediate family members may be moreso inclined to understand how bad the international transport of these foods is for all involved. Gallons of diesel(or jet fuel) are needed for that $6 pint of organic strawberries you have in front of you. It is worthless. Free range chicken? Think warehouse with a door so small a chicken can barely fit through, and a range no bigger than your first dorm room(and somehow more crowded than mine was). The chickens are so prone to disease that they aren’t even allowed out of that warehouse until they are more mature, and by that time they are days away from slaughter- and have only ever existed inside their four walls. There is no motivation to use that range.

If I can I will head up to Dade City for some of my foods. They have a few farms and a few markets selling locally grown produce I would adore having, but work and school full time make the trip cumbersome. Normal supermarket faire will have to do.

I will also be posting some of my gastronomical excursions here as well. I know that I am a poor cook because I go out of my way to find good ones. I will repost my Cafe Provence entry here on this site as an introduction to my thoughts about food if you hadn’t read it. 

Posted: September 7th, 2011
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